You intend to start your own business or just extend the existing? Want to know all about the best and fastest closing solutions of your project’s financial construction? Want a realistic look at all the aspects and cost-effectiveness of your business idea and the quality of your entrepreneurial venture? Have doubts about the legal form of your future enterprise – whether to register a d.o.o., j.d.o.o. (limited responsibility companies), craft business or something fourth? Should you enter the VAT system or not? Don’t know where to go and what you need to do to start a business in Croatia and how long this process takes? How to select and reserve a company name, what activities to register and how, how to determine the amount of share capital, how to resolve the visual identity of the company and how to avoid potential mistakes in steps that are often costly to correct afterwards? Taught with big experience, we can point you in time to some important details that need to be paid extra attention, to make shine your business from the very beginning in the best possible way.

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Koristimo kolačiće u svrhu poboljšanja korisničkog iskustva na stranicama. Ukoliko nastavite koristiti ove stranice, pretpostaviti ćemo da se slažete s  pravilima privatnosti i općim uvjetima poslovanja.