Resources from EU funds are actually taxpayer’s money of the European Union, so these funds are allocated for the purpose of fulfilling certain goals and according to the set rules. In practice, this means that financing those projects must contribute to the development goals of the main country were the project will be settled, as of the European Union as a whole. Most often, the investor co-finances part of the costs of eligible activities, with his own funds or with an entrepreneurial loan. Also, the investor finances all ineligible costs. The minimum and maximum support that can be obtained is defined in the instructions for applicants. The obtained funds must be used for the purpose, as a rule, for the costs incurred during the implementation of the project. In addition to the top quality projects preparation, we also offer their implementation which is often a much more complex process than preparation itself, as it involves procurement and reporting procedures of institutions and stakeholders, according to clearly and strictly defined rules.

More on the European Structural and Investment Funds can be viewed here.

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