Turn-key service involves the complete preparation of the bidding documents and the monitoring of the project from the start to the finish, regardless of whether it is an enterprise loan program (HBOR, HAMAG-BICRO, commercial banks), EU grants or combinations of multiple sources of financing.

As a part of this service, we offer the development of a professional and quality Business Plan/Feasibility Study and/or other type of investment programme depending on the requirements of the funding sources; filling in other forms prescribed by the funding source; submission of the application package to the tender and project management in terms of direct communication with the stakeholders. It is very often that the funding institution asks for additional explanation, supplementation of documents or a meeting in order to resolve certain issues.

This service is very useful for our clients because the project application evaluation phase, is just as important as the first stage (preparation of the project documentation). Our task within this service begins with the design of the business idea and directing the project to the most convenient sources of financing and closing of the financial structure, and ends at the moment when the client signs the loan/guarantee/grant agreement, with institutions that are holders of these programs.

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